iOS 7 release hit by development delays?

Apple iPhone 4S
1 May, 2013

Next-gen Apple operating system could face delays, claim sources.

Apple is at risk of falling behind with the development of its iOS 7 operating system, following a recent senior management shake-up at the consumer electronics firm.

According to a report on Bloomberg, the expansion of Apple design guru Jonathan Ive’s role to include the look and feel of the company’s software could delay the development of iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad users.

Quoting sources familiar with the situation, Ive is reported to be pushing revamps and reviews of certain iPhone and iPad app designs ahead of the product's launch, and is encouraging tighter collaboration between Apple’s software and hardware divisions.

It is suggested this work has left Apple’s engineers scrambling to get iOS 7 finished in time for the firm’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.   

Despite this, the sources claim Apple is still on course to release the next version of its tablet and smartphone operating system in September, but internal deadlines for submitting new features for testing have been set later than with past releases.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Greg Sterling, an analyst at US-based market watcher Opus Research, said Apple is under “tremendous pressure” to come up with something different and new with iOS 7.

“[Ive has] a tremendous sense of design, and he’s been the guru behind a lot of these enormously successful products, but he’s always had someone like a [Steve] Jobs to push back on him and give him some guidance and it’s not clear that Tim Cook is capable of playing that role,” he added.

The hype surrounding new iOS releases from Apple is invariably high, as it is with most of the firm’s new product releases, but even more so at the moment.

This is because Apple has come under fire in recent times for playing it safe with some of its product releases, and has even been accused of following the competition with the release of its 7-inch iPad Mini.

Therefore, it’s perhaps unsurprising that reports iOS 7 could be suffering from development delays have begun to surface.

IT Pro recently compiled a list of features it would like to see Apple include in iOS 7 and it will be interesting to see if any of these put in an appearance once the software finally drops.

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