Adaptive Mobile announces Messaging App Security

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26 Jan, 2016

The product will enable developers to protect their platforms from security threats

Adaptive Mobile has announced Messaging App Security, a new product built upon the RESTful API that will allow developers to add backend security into their messaging applications, enhancing security and reducing the chance of hackers breaking into customer devices.

“As messaging applications and social platforms evolve and converge, they are increasingly looking to innovations to deliver value-add and differentiated services – such as Facebook’s launch of Uber in-app and WeChat’s expansion to offer its significant in-app features and e-commerce platform outside of China – making the need for a secure messaging environment more crucial than ever,” said Rob Bamforth, Principal Analyst at Quocirca.

The product will comprise advanced threat detection algorithms, user reputation analysis and traffic controls to stop anyone hacking into devices via apps.

“With this announcement AdaptiveMobile is bringing the power and intelligence of its security software to protect and enable the rapidly growing mobile app market, further cementing its position as a world leader in mobile security,” says AdaptiveMobile’s CEO Brian Collins.

“Our carrier-grade Network Protection Platform protects over 1.3 billion mobile subscribers on a daily basis, and today we extend this expertise to IP-based applications facing the growing threat of abuse, delivering world class security either running as a cloud or on premise in customers’ networks.”  

However, the announcement could upset the government, following Prime Minister David Cameron's vows to crack down on free messaging apps using encryption such as WhatsApp and iMessage that could potentially be used by terrorists to plan attacks. Adding extra security like Adaptive Mobile's Messaging App Security could potentially prevent authorities from monitoring known terrorists on such platforms.

Plans by the government to ban encrypted communications is leading a number of companies developing the technology to secure applications to abandon the UK in protest against the government's plans. For example, cloud-based encryption service Echoworx said it will close down its two data centres in the UK if the Investigatory Powers Bill comes into force.

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