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Raspberry Pi Awards 2014 winners revealed

Analysis & Insight 3 Apr, 2014 Khidr Suleman

PA Consulting hosted its 2nd annual Raspberry Pi Awards. We take you through the highlights


Best tablets to buy in 2014

Analysis & Insight 21 Mar, 2014 James Peckham

Make the right business decision - the best tablets to buy in 2014 and why they're perfect for enterprise use.

Google Glass: Is the world ready?

Analysis & Insight 7 Mar, 2014 Kyle Nazario

With the release date scheduled for later this year, Kyle Nazario wonders if the world is really ready for Google Glass.

Enterprise apps: if you want to boost productivity, talk to the workers

Analysis & Insight 27 Feb, 2014 Stephen Pritchard

Companies are struggling to design software that works well in a mobile-centric world. Fixing this means going back to basics.

Facebook, WhatsApp and the price of messaging

Analysis & Insight 20 Feb, 2014 Stephen Pritchard

In its largest-ever acquisition, Facebook's $19bn deal is about growth, but it could be at the expense of conventional telcos.

Online shopping

First IBM, then Motorola: The great Lenovo shopping spree

Analysis & Insight 30 Jan, 2014 Stephen Pritchard

Chinese PC maker follows up purchase of IBM's x86 server division with a deal to take Motorola off Google's hands.

Keep taking the tablets: consumers abandon the PC

Analysis & Insight 16 Jan, 2014 Stephen Pritchard

Deloitte claims more than half of us will have access to a tablet by the end of 2014. It is time for business to take notice.

Finding the right tool for the job

Analysis & Insight 13 Jan, 2014 PROMOTION

James Morris explores how new device formats can be factored into your business, depending on your employees' needs.

ITPRO Recommended award

IT Pro's Top Products of 2013

Analysis & Insight 25 Dec, 2013 Khidr Suleman

We roundup the best smartphones, tablets, laptops servers and software.

Leader Board Talking Point: Microsoft's Surface

Analysis & Insight 17 Dec, 2013 IT Pro

Are the latest versions of Microsoft's Surface tablets enough to tempt business users? Our Leader Board members have their say...

Microsoft burns its bra

Analysis & Insight 12 Dec, 2013 Jane McCallion

Computerised underwear may not be on the agenda, but wearable computing still offers plentiful opportunities.

Project Ara: First impressions

Analysis & Insight 29 Oct, 2013 Mark Evans

Our guest editor is happy about the idea of custom-built devices.


Air travellers in the slow lane on technology

Analysis & Insight 10 Oct, 2013 Stephen Pritchard

Most passengers now carry smartphones, but are wary of using them for travel tasks.

How secure is Apple's Touch ID?

Analysis & Insight 8 Oct, 2013 Khidr Suleman

We pit the fingerprint scanner against the default 4-digit passcode.

past and future

Blackberry's fire sale, and the phablet that could save it

Analysis & Insight 26 Sep, 2013 Stephen Pritchard

BlackBerry may have agreed a sale to its largest shareholder, but its largest phone yet could help save the brand.

Surface Pro 2: First impressions

Analysis & Insight 23 Sep, 2013 Khidr Suleman

Microsoft has refreshed the Surface Pro and RT, but is this enough to challenge Apple and Google?

Intel Labs: Turning wine into electricity

Analysis & Insight 13 Sep, 2013 Khidr Suleman

Chipmaker also cooking up federated security dashboard, and context sensitive smartphones.

Apple iPhone 5c/5s launch reaction

Analysis & Insight 11 Sep, 2013 Khidr Suleman

iPhone 5c not as cheap as expected, but fingerprint scanner makes an appearance in the 5s.

IFA roundup

Analysis & Insight 6 Sep, 2013 Clare Hopping

We take a look at all the notable launches from IFA 2013, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z1.

Mobile payments

Mobile banking: risk or reward?

Analysis & Insight 29 Aug, 2013 Stephen Pritchard

A new regulatory report looks at mobile banking and payments' growing popularity, but also their downsides.