EE 4G UK rollout reaches Cornwall

News 31 Jul, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

Mobile operator hails Cornwall's Saltash as the 250th town to benefit from 4G


Boris Johnson vows to bring "connectivity" to all in London

News 30 Jul, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

London Mayor wants to rollout a city-wide connectivity network to ensure everyone has internet access

5G network to arrive in London by 2020, claims Boris Johnson

News 28 Jul, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

London will kick-off the nationwide rollout of the ultra-fast network, Boris Johnson is expected to announce this week


The power of the network in education

Analysis & Insight 28 Jul, 2014 Jane McCallion

A modern communications and networking infrastructure can benefit all involved in teaching and learning, as Jane McCallion discovers...

Pirate bay

Pirate Bay goes mobile

News 28 Jul, 2014 Clare Hopping

The mobile version of Pirate Bay will include separate TV, music and movie sites

Education technology

Learning never stops: Harnessing the power of network connectivity in education

Analysis & Insight 25 Jul, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

Round-the-clock internet activity has revolutionised the way students and teachers approach learning. Caroline Donnelly find out more...


Just one in seven households use porn filters

News 24 Jul, 2014 Clare Hopping

Ofcom report finds fewer people are using filters than previously hoped

Broadband speed

BT's diverts fibre optic broadband to Isles of Scilly

News 24 Jul, 2014 Clare Hopping

The month-long project will see the remote island get higher-speed connections within six months

Pirate bay

The Pirate Bay traffic doubles despite ISP block

News 21 Jul, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

File-sharing site gets bulk of its traffic from the US


Three to offer free Wi-Fi to customers on the London Underground

News 18 Jul, 2014 Rene Millman

Joins other mobile operators on Virgin Media-backed network on the tube


Google: Fake names are fine on Google+

News 17 Jul, 2014 Clare Hopping

Google will now let you use a fictional name on your Google+ profile


Sensor-based car seats can detect driver fatigue

News 17 Jul, 2014 Clare Hopping

Nottingham Trent University researchers have developed technology to wake drivers up if they fall asleep

BT email service outage fixed after several days

News 16 Jul, 2014 Rene Millman

BT fixes fault after users left with no email service for several days

Broadband plugs

Government broadband delivery targets "lack ambition", claim SMBs

News 14 Jul, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

The Federation of Small Businesses has blasted the Government for over-looking the broadband needs of SMBs

Google unblocked in China as Tiananmen Square anniversary passes

News 10 Jul, 2014 Alex Hamilton

Google services are availible again to Chinese users following disruption during the 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square

European Commission

European Commission embarks on EU-wide broadband deployment push

News 10 Jul, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

European Commission unveils "Connected Communities" scheme to improve EU-wide broadband availability

Advertising word cloud

Eyeo taken to court by German marketers

News 9 Jul, 2014 Clare Hopping

The marketers claim advertising revenues are being affected by Adblock Plus

Bill Gates

Bill Gates backs remote controlled 16-year contraceptive implant

News 8 Jul, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

Ex-Microsoft CEO has reportedly inspired the development of a wireless contraceptive implant

Gowex bankruptcy: Local councils vow to proceed with free Wi-Fi projects

News 7 Jul, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

Free Wi-Fi & smart cities tech provider goes under, but Newcastle & Gateshead promise to proceed with deployment plans

Virgin Pendolino Train

Government promises faster Wi-Fi on trains by 2018

News 7 Jul, 2014 Clare Hopping

£90 million will be invested, part-funded by fines imposed on National Rail for poor service