Online banking fraud continues to grow, despite increased user awareness.

Reddit releases transparency report for user information requests

News 30 Jan, 2015 Caroline Preece

It has been reported that content aggregator Reddit has refused more than 40 per cent of government data requests

Microsoft: IoT security is our priority

News 30 Jan, 2015 Joe Curtis

Redmond welcomed Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines on Internet of Things

HP 'to save $500m per year' with Intel’s wireless tech

News 30 Jan, 2015 Khidr Suleman

Intel finally ready to roll out silicon with built-in wireless display and docking

Android passes 1bn shipments in 2014

News 30 Jan, 2015 Caroline Preece

Android has broken it's record by reaching 1 billion shipments for the first time in 2014

Windows 10 release date, specs and pricing announced

News 30 Jan, 2015 Caroline Donnelly Caroline Preece Khidr Suleman

Windows 10 download will be a free upgrade for existing users

Google Sign

Google ordered to overhaul privacy policy by ICO

News 30 Jan, 2015 Caroline Donnelly

Search giant says it's happy to comply with data protection watchdog's ruling, and has already made some changes Verify 'needs more data sources for wider adoption'

News 30 Jan, 2015 Joe Curtis

Cabinet Office extends identity assurance scheme trial, plans to include more datasets


Qantas & Samsung to offer virtual reality entertainment to passengers

News 30 Jan, 2015 Clare Hopping

System will allow passengers to watch inflight entertainment, have virtual tours of the aircraft and experience an A380 landing

Data loss folder

Government inquiries rocked by data loss incidents

News 30 Jan, 2015 Clare Hopping

The Ministry of Justice is looking into how the data was lost

IT jobs survey highlights salary gaps across UK

News 29 Jan, 2015 Joe Curtis

Experis Europe's data shows skilled IT workers are better paid in London, than Newcastle

Sky to launch mobile network in 2016 with Telefónica UK

News 29 Jan, 2015 Caroline Donnelly

Broadcaster becomes latest high-profile firm to embark on quad-play push


Google starts Send Money roll out to UK Gmail users

News 29 Jan, 2015 Joe Curtis

Tech giant’s money transfer service will let users send and receive funds within email

GDS urged to tackle bigger IT projects

News 29 Jan, 2015 Joe Curtis

Labour says Whitehall’s digital strategy shys away from most necessary digital challenges

Android logo

Office for Android confirmed download release date arrives

News 29 Jan, 2015 Clare Hopping Caroline Donnelly

ARM-based Android tablet users can now download and use the Office application suite

Microsoft research chief hits back at AI doom & gloom

News 29 Jan, 2015 Joe Curtis

Eric Horvitz says we should be optimistic about the future of artificial intelligence

Linux 'Ghost' vulnerability uncovered

News 29 Jan, 2015 Clare Hopping

Security researchers said the issue affects the system's GNU C Library

Website blocking

Porn now blocked on TalkTalk

News 29 Jan, 2015 Clare Hopping

The ISP has followed Sky's lead, automatically blocking adult content

social media

IBM: Companies must avoid social business 'culture shock'

News 28 Jan, 2015 Caroline Preece

Firms must transform culture to make best use of social business tools, says Big Blue

iOS 8.1.3 software update released

News 28 Jan, 2015 Khidr Suleman

Apple continues to try and patch Wi-Fi issues on Macs with OS X 10.10.2 as well


US military working on behavioural biometrics ID verification system

News 28 Jan, 2015 Bryn McIntyre

New system to determine identity of users under development in US