Public Sector Analysis & Insight

Data protection Why business should learn from the NHS' mistakes

Analysis & Insight 6 Mar, 2014 Stephen Pritchard

A lack of public awareness is one reason the Government has delayed the NHS programme by six months.

Storm warning

Critical national infrastructure: the Government warns business again

Analysis & Insight 6 Feb, 2014 Stephen Pritchard

Could cyber crime be even more damaging than floods to the country's key industries? A Government summit suggests they might.

Closing in on the dark net

Analysis & Insight 7 Aug, 2013 Jane McCallion

Can the ends justify the means when it comes to preventing online crime, wonders Jane McCallion...

Data breach

The impact of mandatory breach notifications on UK plc

Analysis & Insight 22 Feb, 2013 Davey Winder

What do the latest EU plans mean for the UK and will it make the European enterprise a safer place?

Frustrated civil servant

Public sector: could do better

Analysis & Insight 24 Jan, 2013 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: The National Audit Office issues its report card on government IT. There is still work to be done.

Challenger Tank

Defending the defenders

Analysis & Insight 10 Jan, 2013 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: MPs question the armed forces' readiness to deal with cyber security attacks. Businesses should pay attention too.


Spooks, snoopers, and the Communications Data Bill

Analysis & Insight 13 Dec, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: Privacy bodies have raised their concerns about the proposed law. But the impact on business also needs further scrutiny.

Rural idyll?

Acres more broadband

Analysis & Insight 22 Nov, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: Subsidies for rural broadband have been approved by the EU, but the UK's 2Mbps target remains controversial.

4G road sign

Could 4G LTE take over fixed-line services in the UK?

Analysis & Insight 22 Oct, 2012 Clare Hopping

With the introduction of 4G LTE broadband in Swindon, Reading and Southwark, there’s a possibility it could replace fixed-line services as a cheaper and quicker to implement option.


Time for industry to end the IP wars?

Analysis & Insight 9 Aug, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: Sometimes, IT companies seem to spend more time in court than developing new products. Maybe the SAP-Oracle settlement shows it is time to move on.

o2 logo

Q&A: Billy D’Arcy, MD, public sector, O2

Analysis & Insight 8 Aug, 2012 Caroline Donnelly

We speak to Billy D'Arcy to find out how the mobile operator plans to capitalise on its recent run of public sector success.

Broadband speed

Is BT the key to broadband Britain?

Analysis & Insight 10 May, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: BT's revenues might be down but its hold on the broadband market is stronger than ever.


The Digital Economy Act: Is it doomed to never happen?

Analysis & Insight 4 May, 2012 Simon Brew

As a further delay hits part of the implementation of the Digital Economy Act, is this just a small hiccup, or is the Act being rendered toothless already? Simon Brew takes a look.

Trevor Baylis, inventor

There's more to IP than taming pirates

Analysis & Insight 3 May, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: Content and software piracy attracts the most publicity, but a new campaign aims to bolster intellectual property's role in the European economy.

Looking into the data

Big data: analytics' pot of gold

Analysis & Insight 5 Apr, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: Can analytics boost the economy, and is IT ready to provide the resources to do so?


Does the government want to snoop on your data?

Analysis & Insight 4 Apr, 2012 Simon Brew

Does the government really want you to tell them everything? And what are its new communications-watching plans all about? Simon Brew finds out more…

data protection

Enterprises must find secure Dropbox for employees

Analysis & Insight 2 Apr, 2012 Jennifer Scott

Like it or not, workers will be using cloud storage in the office and it is time the enterprise found a secure way to do it.


Have ISPs finally lost the DEA fight?

Analysis & Insight 25 Mar, 2012 Simon Brew

BT and TalkTalk have been defeated in their latest challenge to the Digital Economy Act. Have the final obstacles now been cleared? Simon Brew investigates.

experience button on keyboard

Q&A: Rajeeb Dey, CEO Enternships

Analysis & Insight 15 Mar, 2012 Maggie Holland

We spoke to Rajeeb Dey, chief executive of and co-founder of StartUp Britain about the importance of work experience and skill sharing.


Google and privacy: What’s the problem?

Analysis & Insight 12 Mar, 2012 Simon Brew

Google’s unification of its privacy policies has brought the firm wide criticism. But what’s actually the issue? Simon Brew has been taking a look…