The WordPress CMS isn't insecure – you are!

Analysis & Insight 4 Mar, 2015 Davey Winder

Another vulnerability in WordPress is bad news for the CMS platform

FREAK flaw leaves Apple, Google users at risk

News 4 Mar, 2015 Nicole Kobie

"Zombie" flaw the result of US watering down encryption for export

Isis supporters threaten Twitter co-founder after accounts blocked

News 2 Mar, 2015 Caroline Preece

Jack Dorsey and other Twitter employees have received a death threat over policy to block Isis accounts

Lenovo vows to cut bloatware after Superfish

News 2 Mar, 2015 Clare Hopping

The company says it will drop adware after its Superfish debacle left customer data at risk


TalkTalk confirms customer details stolen during data breach

News 27 Feb, 2015 Caroline Donnelly

Customers may be targeted by phone scammers

Cyber attacks declared major threat to US security

News 27 Feb, 2015 Joe Curtis

National Intelligence director warns of Russian and Chinese hacking capabilities

Mac OS X & iOS have most security bugs, claim researchers

News 27 Feb, 2015 Clare Hopping

A study by GFI has revealed Apple's platforms have more vulnerabilities than Windows or Linux


Lenovo website hack: Lizard Squad claims responsibility

News 26 Feb, 2015 Caroline Donnelly

Hacking group lays claim to Lenovo website as manufacturer battles Superfish security storm

Cyber security not a priority for SMBs, research shows

News 26 Feb, 2015 Joe Curtis

Gov study finds small businesses failing to protect themselves against cyber crime hacks


Europol shuts down Ramnit botnet that infected 3.2m PCs

News 25 Feb, 2015 Caroline Donnelly

Europol leads operation to knock five-year-old botnet out of action

NSA & GCHQ SIM card hack: Gemalto denies encryption keys stolen through hack

News 25 Feb, 2015 Khidr Suleman Caroline Donnelly

Special mobile unit was set up in 2010 to steal encryption keys

security key on keyboard

IoT cyber threat to increase focus on security, says Gartner

News 24 Feb, 2015 Caroline Preece

More large companies will set up defences against cybersecurity attacks by 2018, says Gartner

Lenovo CTO to create “concrete" Superfish attack plan

News 24 Feb, 2015 Joe Curtis

The device maker wants to take advice from its harshest critics and security experts to repair damage

Is the Dark Web safe? How Silk Road's takedown could harm online law enforcement

News 23 Feb, 2015 Caroline Donnelly Joe Curtis

Conviction of Silk Road mastermind will fragment Dark Web criminals' activity, warns report


Facebook warns of new Superfish threat

News 23 Feb, 2015 Joe Curtis

The fake security certificate used by the Lenovo-installed adware can be re-used by hackers, says social network

iPhone & iPad users at risk of Masque Attack II iOS hack

News 23 Feb, 2015 Clare Hopping

Hack could leave enterprise users open to data theft, claims FireEye researchers

Lenovo stops shipping Superfish adware with consumer devices

News 19 Feb, 2015 Khidr Suleman

Superfish adware had potential to make browser data available to hackers

business continuity

Fail to plan, plan to fail: Firms neglect recovery plans at their peril

Analysis & Insight 19 Feb, 2015 Stephen Pritchard

Despite the clear evidence of the damage caused by IT failures, it seems businesses are still neglecting their business recovery plans

Facebook keyboard

Researcher bags £8k reward for finding Facebook album delete flaw

News 18 Feb, 2015 Clare Hopping

Security researcher discovered whole photo albums could be deleted from Facebook by outsiders via the Graph API

Hacker hands

Kaspersky uncovers hard drive hackers with Stuxnet links

News 17 Feb, 2015 Caroline Donnelly

The Equation Group is believed to have been infecting machines for 20 years