Data tracking

Is Facebook tracking your web history?

News 31 Mar, 2015 Adam Shepherd

New report claims that Facebook tracks users without their consent across over 13 million sites


Europol says encrypted tech is hindering its work

News 31 Mar, 2015 Clare Hopping

The organisation's Rob Wainwright said tech firms should think about how encryption is helping terrorists


Should you be worried about the BA frequent flyer account hack?

News 30 Mar, 2015 Caroline Preece

Hackers have reportedly gained access to thousands of British Airways frequent-flyer accounts

Github falls victim to possible Chinese cyber attack

News 30 Mar, 2015 Adam Shepherd

Coding site hit by ongoing DDoS, experts suspect Chinese involvement

Public Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels and conference centres pose remote access risk

News 30 Mar, 2015 Clare Hopping

The vulnerability allows read and write access to an invidual or network's Linux file system

SSL secure

Why is SSL under attack?

Analysis & Insight 29 Mar, 2015 Davey Winder

Don't get sidetracked by a storm in the SSL teacup, warns Davey Winder...

Best antivirus software 2015

Reviews 27 Mar, 2015 Rene Millman

Which anti-virus products offer most protection?

Men unknowingly flirt with one another thanks to Tinder hack

News 27 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

Hacker’s fake female profiles lure men to chat each other up to highlight harassment issues

Password and username box

Lost passwords, lost identity?

Analysis & Insight 25 Mar, 2015 Stephen Pritchard

Yahoo's plans to do away with passwords highlights the pitfalls of weak authentication and the tech's surprising resilience

Google Android

Android malware flaw a risk to almost 50 per cent of devices

News 25 Mar, 2015 Caroline Preece

A flaw in Android phones has been found, putting the personal data of millions of users at risk

How a Facebook user complaint could change European data privacy

News 25 Mar, 2015 Rene Millman

European Court of Justice begins hearing on US accessing data stored in EU

Twitch responds to cyber breach by making passwords shorter

News 24 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

Gameplay streaming service makes ‘nonsensical’ decision to reduce minimum password length

Insure your firm against cost of cyber breaches, Gov warns

News 23 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

Francis Maude meets with insurers and SMBs to warn about high cost of cyber attacks

Evolution scam: how users lost $12m in bitcoins

Analysis & Insight 23 Mar, 2015 Adam Shepherd

The Silk Road-esque drug marketplace has gone offline with thousands of Bitcoin users' cash

Facebook Like sign

Thanks to Facebook bug, hackers could have your personal pics

News 20 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

Bug researcher discovers flaw allowing third-party apps access to your private photos

Chinese DDoS siege 'costs anti-censorship site $30,000 a day'

News 20 Mar, 2015 Joe Curtis

Greatfire makes plea for help as bombardment reaches 2.6 billion requests an hour

Cisco: We'll send kit to the wrong address to dodge NSA

Analysis & Insight 19 Mar, 2015 Nicole Kobie

Cisco reveals extent it must go to in order to keep equipment from being hacked

GCHQ: ban smartphones from offices for better security

News 19 Mar, 2015 Caroline Preece

Businesses have been advised to get rid of staff smartphones to reduce risk of cyber attacks

Security flaw

Apple swats 17 bugs on Safari

News 18 Mar, 2015 Rene Millman

Webkit flaws in OS X could lead to arbitrary code execution in browser

DDoS attacks losing companies business opportunities

News 18 Mar, 2015 Clare Hopping

Research said organisations fear losing contracts and ongoing business as a consequence