US banks hit by cyber attacks

News 29 Aug, 2014 Clare Hopping

JPMorgan and other financial institutions may have been attacked, although the scope is not known

Racing Post escapes ICO fine over 2013 data breach

News 28 Aug, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

Data protection watchdog claims leaked data would not have caused "substantial distress" to those affected


Gmail app hack: Why it's unlikely to derail your BYOD plans

Analysis & Insight 27 Aug, 2014 Davey Winder

Davey Winder takes a closer look at last week's news about the 92 per cent success rate of the Gmail app hack

South Korean data breach results in 220m records stolen

News 27 Aug, 2014 Clare Hopping

16 people have been arrested for stealing personal details of half the population

Privacy signs

Secret app hack allows access to personal data

News 27 Aug, 2014 Clare Hopping

The application, which is supposed to protect your identity, was hacked by security experts

Data breach

Ministry of Justice fined £180k over lost unencrypted hard drives

News 26 Aug, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

Ministry of Justice hit by ICO fine after failing to ensure prisoners' data was encrypted


Sony PlayStation network knocked offline by cyber attack

News 26 Aug, 2014 Clare Hopping

The Sony PlayStation network was targeted in a DDoS attack

Internet search

Google “right to be forgotten”: Everything you need to know

News 22 Aug, 2014 Caroline Preece Rosie Clarke

Google has begun to remove search results under the “right to be forgotten” ruling. Here’s our guide to what you need to know

Security weakness uncovered in Android, Windows & iOS by researchers

News 22 Aug, 2014 Caroline Preece

A team of engineers have identified a serious security weakness in phones across iOS, Android and Windows

UPS data breach: Customer payment card details compromised

News 22 Aug, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

Parcel delivery firm confirms data breach following malware attack on 51 of its 4,500 US stores

Cyber security

GCHQ to test UK citizens' ability to prevent cyber attacks

News 21 Aug, 2014 Rosie Clarke

Surveillance service teams up with Cyber Security Challenge to help uncover new infosecurity experts

Hospital IT

Heartbleed bug reportedly behind major Community Health Systems data breach

News 20 Aug, 2014 Rosie Clarke

Patients' social security numbers, names, addresses and more all compromised by internet bug


WatchGuard Firebox T10 review

Reviews 20 Aug, 2014 Dave Mitchell

Is the Firebox T10 the best featured small business security appliance on the market?

iOS ad-hijacker malware hits 75,000 jailbroken devices

News 20 Aug, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

Security researcher shines a light on iOS malware risks

Exit doors

Let's play IT security Buzzword Bingo

Analysis & Insight 20 Aug, 2014 Davey Winder

A report into the threats employees pose to data security has Davey Winder up in arms this week...


Microsoft cancels latest Patch Tuesday update

News 19 Aug, 2014 Clare Hopping

The update was causing the blue screen of death so Microsoft has urged users to uninstall it


Apple fixes seven Safari security flaws

News 18 Aug, 2014 Rosie Clarke

Apple rolls out security updates to address seven vulnerabilities in its web browser

Google "worse than NSA" claims Rupert Murdoch

News 18 Aug, 2014 Caroline Preece

Rupert Murdoch has spoken on Twitter about Google's “privacy invasion,” sparking online debate


Tesco Hudl found to retain data even after factory reset

News 15 Aug, 2014 Caroline Preece

Tesco Hudl tablets have been linked to a security risk, with potentially sensitive data remaining even after factory reset

Blackberry brings BBM Protected to Balance devices

News 15 Aug, 2014 Rene Millman

Brings end-to-end secured messaging to enterprise customers