Study reveals massive shortfall in endpoint security

15 Mar, 2016

30 per cent of IT decision makers do not know if they have security solutions in place

Companies are not doing enough to secure their endpoints despite rising fears, a new report has revealed.

According to a study of almost 2,000 IT professionals and decision-makers by security firm Code42, just under 90 per cent of CIOs and CISOs agree that losing business data stored on corporate endpoints would be "seriously disruptive or business-destroying".

However, over half of IT decision-makers state that end users do not fully appreciate these risks, and a shocking 30 per cent do not have -- or do not know if they have -- endpoint data security measures in place.

This is on top of a study from CGI that showed while over 30 per cent of UK C-suite executive see cyber-security as an IT issue, security accounts for just 9 per cent of overall IT spend.

4 out of 10 senior business leaders in the UK also say that their company is likely to experience a breach in the next 12 months, with a mere 53 per cent confirming they have crisis plans in the event of a catastrophic data exfiltration.

This is evidently not helping confidence within the business; Code42 reports that a quarter of all surveyed employees stated that they did not trust the company and its IT team with their personal data.

"Endpoint data management is a necessity along with data loss prevention software and data encryption," Quocirca founder Clive Longbottom said.

"Data should be centralised wherever possible and tracked and controlled through digital rights management solutions whenever it leaves the control of that central point."

"Attempting to rely on the knowledge and goodwill of a changing workforce is not enough - the right tools have to be put in place."