Intel looks to strengthen server line with Altera purchase

Analysis & Insight 31 Mar, 2015 Rene Millman

Signals concentration on fast-growing server market

Computers connected to a mainframe

IBM turns to big iron again

Analysis & Insight 15 Jan, 2015 Stephen Pritchard

IBM's Z13 mainframe is designed for the app age, but will it win businesses back from general-purpose hardware?

Data centre 1

Data centre investment: waiting for a business case

Analysis & Insight 7 Nov, 2013 Stephen Pritchard

Power and cooling issues may be less of a concern for data centre managers, but is there a case for radical new technologies?


Q&A: Jon maddog Hall

Analysis & Insight 22 Aug, 2013 Max Cooter

We speak to the free software champion about where he thinks the industry is headed.

Business transformation road sign

Secure business transformation

Analysis & Insight 18 Jul, 2013 Davey Winder

Davey Winder investigates how to best protect enterprise networks and data while embracing BYOD, cloud and virtualisation.

IBM server sale is a logical result of commodity IT

Analysis & Insight 25 Apr, 2013 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the enterprise: If IBM sells its server business to Lenovo, it will further prove the money is not in hardware.

Tackling London’s data centre crunch

Analysis & Insight 21 Mar, 2013 Stephen Pritchard

London is running short of data centre space. Is the answer to head to the ‘burbs?

Storm clouds

Drawing lessons from Sandy's wrath

Analysis & Insight 1 Nov, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

The impact of Hurricane Sandy has been felt across the world, but businesses should learn lessons from nature's power.

Penguin teacher

Bridging the Linux security skills gap

Analysis & Insight 15 Oct, 2012 Davey Winder

Linux is at the very heart of the internet at an infrastructure level and its reach stretches far and wide. So where have all the Linux security experts gone?

IBM EC12 mainframe

Big Blue's little brother

Analysis & Insight 30 Aug, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the enterprise: IBM has launched a budget mainframe. But with a $1m price tag, it may be more at home in the cloud than the data room.

Hands holding cloud image

Time to prepare for the human cloud

Analysis & Insight 26 Jul, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the enterprise: Technology is producing a global talent pool, and this could bring drastic changes to the workplace. Is IT ready?

Domain name labels

Brands, websites, and ICANN's $185,000

Analysis & Insight 14 Jun, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the Enterprise: Businesses are being encouraged to pay a six-figure sum to apply for the new top-level internet domains. But social media may make web addresses less relevant.


The current state of desktop virtualisation

Analysis & Insight 25 Apr, 2012 Simon Brew

Why aren’t more people taking advantage of the benefits of desktop virtualisation? Simon Brew looks at the current state of play…

AWS instance starting

Amazon EC2’s Windows Server free version

Analysis & Insight 19 Mar, 2012 Steve Cassidy

Setting up a Windows server on Amazon's AWS is well within the reach of most IT pros, and it can even be free, Steve Cassidy discovers.

Data centre

Automation: Good for business, bad for jobs

Analysis & Insight 16 Feb, 2012 Jennifer Scott

New technologies are meant to free up staff for more innovative tasks, but Jennifer Scott believes it will just lead to job losses.


Q&A: Chris Johnson, EMEA VP of Storage at HP

Analysis & Insight 15 Feb, 2012 Jennifer Scott

We speak to the lead storage executive in Europe at HP's first Global Partner Conference to ask where his firm will take storage in 2012.

Laurent Blanchard

Q&A: Cisco on servers, storage and strategy

Analysis & Insight 1 Feb, 2012 Tom Brewster

We chat with Laurent Blanchard, Cisco's vice president of enterprise, to ask why IT should get excited about what the networking giant can offer.


2011: The year in news

Analysis & Insight 28 Dec, 2011 Tom Brewster

We take a look back at a year which saw corporate carnage, industry in-fighting and the passing of an industry legend.

An empty warehouse

Technology: out of stock

Analysis & Insight 15 Dec, 2011 Stephen Pritchard

Inside the enterprise: Manufacturers are only now starting to feel the impact of the Thai floods and Japanese earthquakes. IT costs could rise as a result.

Intel Itanium processor

HP reaffirms commitment to Itanium and HP-UX

Analysis & Insight 12 Dec, 2011 Alan Lu

Exec reacts defensively to speculation that HP might drop specialist Intel processors.