How to choose the right disk utility

Analysis & Insight 3 Feb, 2014 Steve Cassidy

Steve Cassidy provides some practical guidance as to how to ensure you make the right decision when it comes to disk utilities...

The IT Press Tour: Meet Atlantis Computing, Nimble Storage and Coho Data

Analysis & Insight 5 Dec, 2013 Jane McCallion

Jane McCallion reports from the third day of the San Francisco IT Press Tour.


SSDs: Taking the spin out of storage

Analysis & Insight 31 Oct, 2013 Stephen Pritchard

SSDs remain more expensive than spinning disks. But storage makers are developing clever ways to mix and match them, to cut costs.

Big Data word cloud

Making the most of big data

Analysis & Insight 28 Aug, 2013 Mark Samuels

IT leaders need to start working in favour of the information explosion rather than against it, warns Mark Samuels.


Short Take: Coffee with CoRAID

Analysis & Insight 11 Mar, 2013 Steve Cassidy

Steve Cassidy looks at how the storage game has changed for companies like Coraid.

Data Security

How do I get my data back?

Analysis & Insight 4 Mar, 2013 Steve Cassidy

Steve Cassidy takes a look at what goes on behind the scenes in the world of data recovery...

Dot Hill improve Framestore’s memory

Analysis & Insight 21 Jan, 2013 Steve Cassidy

Storage just got that little bit more interesting, claims Steve Cassidy as he delves into the world of CGI.

Terminal 5

Q&A: Andrew Manington, information process manager, London Heathrow Airport

Analysis & Insight 8 Nov, 2012 Caroline Donnelly

This week's EMC Momentum 2012 user conference saw the storage giant overhaul its enterprise content management system, Documentum.

Storm clouds

Drawing lessons from Sandy's wrath

Analysis & Insight 1 Nov, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

The impact of Hurricane Sandy has been felt across the world, but businesses should learn lessons from nature's power.

Big Data

Coping with the data deluge

Analysis & Insight 20 Oct, 2012 Mark Samuels

Whether you're talking Big Data, small data, fast data or slow data, business and tech leaders must start to change their thinking, according to Mark Samuels.

Missing piece

Filling the big data talent gap

Analysis & Insight 1 Jun, 2012 Caroline Donnelly

Data scientists were lauded at last month's EMC World for the work they do with big data. Caroline Donnelly finds out if this is a talent pool IT departments are investing in.

Happy birthday cake

Celebrating tape's Diamond Jubilee

Analysis & Insight 31 May, 2012 Stephen Pritchard

Inside The Enterprise: Magnetic tape is 60 this year, but has the cloud put it in retirement already?


Getting ready for EMC World

Analysis & Insight 14 May, 2012 Steve Cassidy

Steve Cassidy is getting very excited about storage, more specifically EMC’s VSPEX architecture.


Montreux Jazz Festival: Storage in a different light

Analysis & Insight 11 May, 2012 Steve Cassidy

Storage still isn't uber sexy, but it doesn't have to be dull either, argues Steve Cassidy as he details his recent experiences with Amplidata, EPFL and the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Dell logo

Q&A: Carter George executive director of Dell storage

Analysis & Insight 11 Apr, 2012 Khidr Suleman

We speak to Carter George about Dell's plans for the storage market and get his thoughts on the cloud.

data protection

Enterprises must find secure Dropbox for employees

Analysis & Insight 2 Apr, 2012 Jennifer Scott

Like it or not, workers will be using cloud storage in the office and it is time the enterprise found a secure way to do it.


Q&A: Chris Johnson, EMEA VP of Storage at HP

Analysis & Insight 15 Feb, 2012 Jennifer Scott

We speak to the lead storage executive in Europe at HP's first Global Partner Conference to ask where his firm will take storage in 2012.

Laurent Blanchard

Q&A: Cisco on servers, storage and strategy

Analysis & Insight 1 Feb, 2012 Tom Brewster

We chat with Laurent Blanchard, Cisco's vice president of enterprise, to ask why IT should get excited about what the networking giant can offer.


2011: The year in news

Analysis & Insight 28 Dec, 2011 Tom Brewster

We take a look back at a year which saw corporate carnage, industry in-fighting and the passing of an industry legend.