In-flight Wi-Fi for Europe and the Middle East fails to meet passenger demand

News 22 May, 2015 Caroline Preece

Demand for in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity is found to be higher in Europe and the Middle East than the US

CoderDojo: Changing the face of tech learning as we know it

Opinion 21 May, 2015 Maggie Holland

A great initiative that takes great minds and gets them coding from a young age

PayPal fined $25m for forcing PayPal Credit signups

News 21 May, 2015 Clare Hopping

Payments company lured consumers in with promotional rates, rules US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s ‘builds ghetto for poor people’

News 20 May, 2015 Joe Curtis

Digital rights groups accuse Mark Zuckerberg of abusing net neutrality and risking user privacy

L'Oreal switches to 3D printed skin for testing

News 20 May, 2015 Clare Hopping

The cosmetics firm will work with Organovo to print the test skin in an ethical way

Could virtual reality revolutionise your business?

In-depth 18 May, 2015 Adam Shepherd

Forget gaming - VR has plenty of use cases in the office, too

Google's autonomous cars soon to be tested on public roads

News 18 May, 2015 Caroline Preece Clare Hopping

The search giant's driverless cars could drastically reduce accidents, says project chief

Reddit cracks down on site-wide bullying

News 15 May, 2015 Adam Shepherd

Social news site introduces harassment policy

Skills gap

Skills gap listed as major challenge in Hadoop takeup

News 15 May, 2015 Clare Hopping

Research by Gartner said only 26 per cent of respondents claim to be either deploying, piloting or experimenting with Hadoop

Google Sign

Google ‘must open up over right to be forgotten'

News 14 May, 2015 Joe Curtis

Academics’ open letter calls on the search giant to be more transparent about how it handles such requests

Reskill to avoid AI redundancy, experts say

In-depth 13 May, 2015 Caroline Preece

A panel of experts has spoken about the impact artificial intelligence could have on business

UK Oracle User Group unveils new president

News 13 May, 2015 Joe Curtis

Linda Barker has 17 years’ experiencing implementing Oracle systems

Outsourcers ‘bungle SAP customisations’

News 13 May, 2015 Joe Curtis

Run simple? Not likely, say researchers who’ve uncovered poor SAP customisation jobs

retail shops

John Lewis sees huge growth after partnership with Tech City start-up

Case Studies 12 May, 2015 Caroline Preece

BookingBug partnership has pushed John Lewis’ new omnichannel appointments platform ahead of schedule

IT skills gap 'is harming innovation'

News 12 May, 2015 Caroline Preece

BT and SMBs complain at dearth of skills - citing cybersecurity as a big issue

Google records 11 accidents in 1.7m driverless car miles

News 12 May, 2015 Adam Shepherd

Project director Chris Urmson boasts about Google's safety record


BT warns Openreach sell-off could harm broadband rollout

News 12 May, 2015 Joe Curtis

Any move by Ofcom to separate BT’s network arm could damage superfast broadband coverage

Uber ‘bids $3bn for Nokia mapping service’

News 11 May, 2015 Joe Curtis

Forrester says taxi-hailing app would own customers' mobile data

Amazon's drone delivery might track customer location info

News 11 May, 2015 Clare Hopping

The service will use a person's smartphone data to find them and deliver even if they are not in a static location

Permanent IT staff demand reaches six-month high in April

News 8 May, 2015 Clare Hopping

A report by KPMG and the REC revealed IT staff ranks third out of nine sectors studied