cloud computing

Inside IBM & SAP's cloud tie-up

Analysis & Insight

SAP will host its enterprise applications on IBM's cloud, for the benefit of both firms and their customers

IBM and SoftLayer: What a difference a year makes

Analysis & Insight

It’s just over a year since IBM acquired SoftLayer.

Why the Xen flaw NDA represents good responsible disclosure

Analysis & Insight

Many have criticised AWS, Rackspace and IBM for not going public straightaway with Xen flaw details, but Davey Winder th

The cloud advantage


Many initially embark on a cloud journey to reduce costs, but the benefits they enjoy as a result are far more wide-reac

IBM & Wimbledon: Serving tennis with the power of the cloud


IBM has been the technology partner for Wimbledon for 25-years.


London Technology Week: Events highlight cloud, youth employment and more


London Technology Week sees discussion of the cloud, attracting young people to IT and more

The technology behind Wimbledon


There's a huge amount of data to gather and analyse at Wimbledon, but IBM makes it look easy.

Cloud cover at Wimbledon


Cloud computing is the backbone to the technology driving the Wimbledon Tournament.

Cognitive computing in the cloud


James Morris explains how IBM Watson's cognitive computing technology could enhance your relationship with your com

Cloud Computing

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release date revealed


The distribution will become available tomorrow along with OpenStack Icehouse

What is business intelligence?

Analysis & Insight

Max Cooter explains that business intelligence is a simple concept, but not one that's always understood.

New release

OneNote arrives on Mac for free


The app also comes with a cloud API, allowing developers to integrate OneNote into a variety of other applications.

Cloud choices

Realising the future of cloud computing


The journey from an excess of choice to everything as a service

cloud in hands

The future of cloud technology


Cloud computing can be a daunting prospect for enterprises hoping to tap into its potential benefits

CompTIA debuts cloud certifications for IT pros


Trade association wants IT pros to validate their cloud credentials with its new accreditation.

Cloud's crisis of confidence

Analysis & Insight

A series of outages at online services serves as a reminder of consumer services' fragility.

Microsoft Skydrive

Microsoft to axe SkyDrive name in wake of BSkyB court battle


Software giant will not challenge High Court decision over name of consumer cloud storage service


Box for business review


When it comes to cloud storage for business, Box is setting the pace. We look at the key features.

Windows Azure Thumb

Windows Azure review


Moving to Azure requires a whole new mindset - it's best to keep an eye on how the meter's running.

Google offers free cloud services to UK charities


Search giant opens up Google for Nonprofits programme to UK charities for first time.