Speech recognition

Facebook buys speech recognition startup

News 6 Jan, 2015 Joe Curtis

Social network hopes Wit.ai will help it close ground on Siri and Cortana

Chrome updates to include voice-activated searching

News 22 May, 2014 Alex Hamilton

Chrome users will now be able to use their voice to search the internet following an update from Google

Skype scoops up international voice traffic

News 18 Feb, 2013 Jane McCallion

VoIP service leaves traditional international voice call carriers for dust.

Microsoft Translate

Microsoft demos real-time language translation

News 9 Nov, 2012 Rene Millman

New software lets English speakers talk in Mandarin in user’s own voice

Doctor NHS

Kcom lauds voice recognition's role in NHS savings

News 5 Sep, 2012 Alexandra Velasco

Comms provider's overhaul of NHS Business Services Authority's health card scheme reaps rewards.


Google Android Voice Search gets support for 13 new languages

News 17 Aug, 2012 Maggie Holland

The tech giant's voice search feature continues to gain momentum by supporting even more languages.


Nuance unveils virtual voice assistant service for mobile app developers

News 7 Aug, 2012 Caroline Donnelly

The cloud-based Nina service will let app users take advantage of voice controls.

The iPhone 4S will be available in both black and white.

First Impressions: iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4

Reviews 4 Oct, 2011 Alan Lu

How does the iPhone 4S stack up against its predecessor? We take an initial overview of Apple's latest smartphone.


Google adds speed and speech to search

News 15 Jun, 2011 Tom Brewster

The new functions are designed to make searching via Google easier and broader.

The Apple iPhone 4 running iOS 4

The top five features we want to see in iOS 5

Analysis & Insight 2 Jun, 2011 Alan Lu

The iPhone's operating system is great, but it's not perfect. Alan Lu details his wishlist for the upcoming iOS 5.

Nuance Dragon Dictate 2.0 for Mac

Nuance Dragon Dictate 2.0 for Mac review

Reviews 15 Apr, 2011 Julian Prokaza

The newest version of Nuance's Dragon Dictate voice recognition software for Mac is finally available. Is it a second-class port of a Windows app or a real boon to productivity? Julian Prokaza dons a headset and clears his throat to find out.

Fingerprint and barcode

Biometric authentication: the key to keeping businesses and users happy?

Analysis & Insight 13 Apr, 2011 Mary Branscombe

You’re already paying for biometrics in business laptops, so is it time for your business to start using them?

Web search

Pulse 2011: Watson not aiming to take on Google

News 2 Mar, 2011 Maggie Holland

IBM's supercomputer may have taken on the big brains during a game of Jeopardy! but the company has no plans to tread on Google's toes in the search space.


Watson's Jeopardy! win prompts IBM grid boost

News 21 Feb, 2011 Tom Brewster

Since Watson won Jeopardy!, IBM's World Community Grid has seen a 700 per cent surge in volunteers.


The movie technology that IT departments would love

Analysis & Insight 21 Oct, 2010 Simon Brew

Hollywood has very clear ideas of what computers are capable of. But which of its pipe dreams would actually help the modern day IT department? Simon Brew has some suggestions…


US report casts doubt on “reliable” biometric systems

News 29 Sep, 2010 Eric Doyle

Back to the drawing board for security designers.

Motorola Milestone XT720

Motorola Milestone XT720 review

Reviews 23 Aug, 2010 Sandra Vogel

We review the latest smartphone from Motorola. Is it good enough to stand out from other Android phones?

Top 10

Top 10 future trends for mobile phones

Analysis & Insight 26 Jul, 2010 Tony Crammond

The mobile industry moves at such a fast space, it's often hard to keep up. But what are the big predicted future trends coming to a smartphone near us? We roundup 10 of the best.

typing on keyboard

Is it time to say goodbye to keyboards?

Analysis & Insight 1 Apr, 2010 Petra Jones

Will the arrival of the iPad herald a new era in touch screen-only computing?

Speech recognition

Nuance acquires SpinVox for $102.5 million

News 30 Dec, 2009 Maggie Holland

The rumours were true and speech recognition giant Nuance has snapped up SpinVox.