The Wireless Event: FMC reality still far from the vision

Fixed mobile convergence has come a long way but it still has a long journey ahead of it before the theory become reality.

Fixed mobile convergence (FMC) still has some way to go before it offers the experience that users want, an industry analyst claimed at this week's Mobile Broadband Congress, part of The Wireless Event.

"The FMC user experience, when you look at it, suggests there's still a lot of work to do to get the details right," said Dean Bubley, founder of consultancy Disruptive Analysis.

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"There are issues with the client software, the devices and the network backend supporting a converged service," he told a keynote gathering.

But once these issues are resolved, converged solutions will find a ready market, he believes.

"FMC certainly isn't just about cheap voice, as you might imagine hearing some people talk about it," he said.

"What's much more interesting is what it will deliver working with new applications like mobile gaming, TV, messaging as well as at the enterprise end."

"FMC is tangible, here and now," added Ronnie Muir, sales manager of Telindus, the IT services arm of Belgian telecoms carrier Belgacom, speaking to IT PRO at the event.

"We're seeing a lot of early adoption in the health sector, and in transport and logistics. It's going to be big news anywhere that you have remote workers in the field."

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The adoption of FMC technology in the health sector proves, says Muir, that it is already capable of supporting critical applications.

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"Health is life critical, not just mission critical," he argued.

He says that FMC solutions must be sure to offer users connectivity to the 'least cost' connectivity option available, or will not appeal to organisations with large mobile workforces. "The cost of roaming abroad with your mobile phone can be huge," he said.

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