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Intel says next gen Core 2 Duo is "ready to roll"

Executive vice president Sean Maloney claims that the chip giant is "very much ready to roll" with 45nm products.

Chip giant Intel's executive vice president Sean Maloney was typically bullish about its forthcoming products during the company's keynote address at Computex.

These include the Penryn-core, next-generation Core 2 Duo processors which use 45nm transistors. He boldly claimed that "the yield on 45nm was looking very good" and that Intel is "very much ready to roll" with 45nm products.

We still expect to see Intel hold off on Penryn-based CPUs for a few months however as it has to introduce the Conroe-based Core 2 Duos with 1,333MHz Front Side Busses yet.

This is in-keeping with Intel's currently ultra-aggressive development programme, with a slew of products in the offing from the company in the coming two years. IT PRO's sister titles PC Pro and Custom PC have already reported on the new P35 chipset and the launch of the other 3-series chipsets and Maloney claimed that Intel would push the 45nm process so that the company would be making more 45nm products than 65nm (the current process for Core 2 Duo) by as soon as Q3 2008.

Maloney was equally ambitious when it came to the future of mobile PCs, claiming that the uptake so far has mirrored that of mobile phones and that he expected purchases to rise as exponentially over the next five years. The Asus 3ePC might just do that, and Maloney talked of a new UMPC and mobile device CPU codenamed Silverthorne.

This too will be based on a 45nm manufacturing process for less power consumption and efficiency, the first time Intel has brought its cutting-edge manufacturing process to the ultra-mobile sector from the get-go. Intel also announced an Extreme Edition CPU for notebooks, which will feature in systems such as the HP Dragon URL and a forthcoming model from Asus.

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