Tesco website tops for customer experience

The supermarket giant comes out top in online shopping survey overall, but fails when it comes to reliability.

The Tesco shopping website offers the best online customer experience, according to a study released today.

Keynote Systems were announcing the results of the 'Customer Experience Rankings for UK Groceries Websites' research. The sites evaluated were Tesco, Sainsbury's, Ocado, Waitrose and Asda between January and February of this year.

It tested the websites in terms of brand impact, customer acquisition impact and customer satisfaction, but also on technical performance and reliability. Keynote said that this approach showed how well the site performed generally as well as look at end-user experience and perception.

In terms of the general customer experience, Tesco came out top, followed by Ocado. Keynote said Tesco performed the best overall, generally coming second in many of the areas tested, with many consumers enjoying its comprehensive and consumer focused lay-out.

"These results really give us a great impression of how each of these sites is used and perceived by end-users," said Martin Stern, regional manager, EMEA at Keynote Systems.

"Each of the individual parts of the study had its own winner, and despite Tesco winning overall, this is not to say it dominated."

Tesco was also the most responsive of the grocery websites, with an average page download of one second compared to an industry average of four seconds. However, Tesco was bottom of the rankings when it came to reliability, with Waitrose winning out

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