LG Flatron W2252TE monitor review

LG claims the W2252TE is the world's most power efficient 22in monitor. But is it, and is it suitable for your business?

At the rear you'll find an HDCP compatible DVI port, but no HDMI, and analogue VGA port and the power cable and there's no cable management.

LG has equipped the display with a button rather ominously labelled Fun' on the left. Pressing this brings up a range of options, the first being EZ Zooming' intended to lower the resolution at the touch of a button. The next is 4:3 in wide, which will enable you to view 4:3 applications at the correct aspect ratio without it stretching to fill the screen and thus have it looking correct. This would in the main apply to gaming content but equally could prove useful for specific line-of-business applications that aren't flexibly designed.

The Photo Effect' option is possibly the most frivolous feature I've ever seen on a display and gives the whole screen a Gaussian blur effect, a Sepia effect or monochrome. Pointless.

Finally, you get a choice of sounds that chime when you turn the power button on or off, or thankfully, the ability to turn the sound off completely.

Fortunately, LG's F-Engine button is rather more useful, taking users through a range of preset brightness and contrast options for Movie, Internet, User, and Normal. With the first two, the screen splits in half, so you can see the effects of your change.

There's a good range of options available from the display. In picture you can adjust brightness, contrast and gamma, and in Color' you can fine tune the red, green and blue channels as you see fit. Tracking lets you adjust the sharpness in DVI mode, and this is where you adjust Clock and Phase if attached over analogue VGA.

For image quality, the display was set up too bright out of the box- but turning it down to around 85 per cent put my eyes at ease. That done, it proved to be plenty bright enough, despite its 250cd/m2 figure, lower than the non eco-models.

Browsing the internet, editing documents and dealing with email were all a real pleasure on the W225TE and if that's the main use it'll be put to, it will do a good job.

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