Blackberry Storm fixes on the way

The much hyped, but much troubled touch-screen Blackberry Storm is to receive firmware update to cure bugs.


Research in Motion (RIM), manufacturer of the Blackberry is set to unveil a slew of bugs fixes in its upcoming firmware update for the Blackberry Storm, according to internet reports.

The Blackberry Storm is RIM's first touch-screen handset with an aim to taking on the likes of Apple's iPhone 3G and HTC's Touch HD. However, despite the hype, many users have been reporting issues with the handset, leading RIM to rush release an update to help solve some of the bugs.

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According to a leaked internal memo from US network Verizon the bugs to be fixed include:

- If a customer receives a call while listen to music at low volume using a wired headset, the music volume may suddenly increase to the highest level. Interim recovery instructions: Lower the volume using the buttons on the side of the handset.

- When using voice-activated dialing, incoming audio may be muted. Interim recovery instructions: Enter the menu and select "Activate Handset or Speaker".

- The handset may reset itself while sitting idle or while using multimedia applications. No interim recovery instructions provided.

- This update is to be provided over via an over the air update in early December, while the memo also details fixes to be addressed by another maintenance release.

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Issues to be resolved by a subsequent Maintenance Release:

- Customers may intermittently lose email connectivity via CDMA and/or international roaming modes. Interim recovery instructions: Main menu -> Manage Connections -> Select mobile network -> Turn radio off, then Turn radio on. If this does not resolve the issue, pull the battery.

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- When powering on the handset, the radio sometimes does not turn on. Interim recovery instructions: Main menu -> Manage Connections -> Select mobile network -> Turn radio on. If this does not resolve the issue, pull the battery.

- Pressing the send key while the device is in landscape mode will open the phone application in portrait mode, but the speed dial function may not work. Interim recovery instructions: Press escape until the home screen appears, then press the send key with the handset in portrait orientation.

- Sometimes entering characters on the virtual keyboard doesn't work. Interim recovery instructions: Re-select the character.

Some reports also suggest that the Strom has already been unlocked for use on other networks. Currently it is available exclusively on Verizon the US and Vodafone in the UK.


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