Focus on... Storage

What do IT decision makers need to consider when it comes to choosing the right type of storage for business?

Next, consider if you could use on-line storage. This is especially good for companies who have a large number of disparate branches or servers in unusual locations, like an oil rig, for example. The online way of doing things can save both time and money and prove very user friendly.

7) We've already got that one

It is always important to check for deduplication abilities. If you have 100 files but are able to ditch 99 having compressed things into just one file, then you can significantly cut down on your storage needs. This will, in turn, save money and reduce waste.

8) DR

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Disaster recovery is key. There is no point in keeping information stored if you do not protect it in case it needs to be retrieved. It is imperative that you allocate both the funds and the time for a coherent and workable disaster recovery plan.

9) Location, location

Before you buy the right storage you should try and understand the regulations of the country that storage will reside in. There are different types of legislation for both protection and retrieval and these should be fully understood. For example, the US wants information to be available for the federal government agents to see if requested whereas in the EU there are more privacy safeguards.

10) Back to basics

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of storage options out there, but both at the beginning and end of the decision-making process, you should ask yourself basic questions to re-confirm what your needs and expectations are

"Just remember, what kind of information you want to store," added Millman. "How big you are is what governs your requirements."

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