Olympics could be hit by cyber attack, says Blunkett

The former home secretary says that urgent action must be taken to protect the London Olympics from cyber criminals.

Labour MP David Blunkett will warn that the London Olympics could be under threat from a severe cyber attack unless urgent action is taken, according to reports.

At a keynote this week's Infosecurity Conference, he will also claim that terrorists could use sophisticated hacking to cause a complete meltdown of computer and communication systems.

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Blunkett will also stress that there is a woeful level of awareness of the cyber attack threat and urge that government, security experts and businesses work together to make Britain more secure.

In reference to the dangers posed to London 2012, he is to say that the threat of criminals engaging in sophisticated fraud can be compared to the danger of more traditional terrorism.

Visitor requirements such as ticketing, transportation and hotel bookings could be disrupted.

He will say that the Games represents an opportunity for fraudsters and those seeking to hurt the economy.

Blunkett will also claim that duplication and hacking into information could allow criminals to disrupt facilities and commit the theft of identity, credit cards and other personal data.

Last year, BT said that it will treat the London Olympics as a major incident.

David Blunkett's constituency had not responded to IT PRO's request for comment at the time of publication.

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