Apple iPhone 3GS review

Is the iPhone 3GS a worthy upgrade or is Apple's wonder phone starting to lose its lustre? We review the 3GS.

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The iPhone 3.0 OS has also brought tethering support to the table at last though the cost is fairly astronomical, costing 14.98 on O2 for a 3GB cap, on top of your monthly contract. It's also not available to Pay As You Go users.

If you can get past the pricing you might look at the individual changes and feel like it's not much for a new iPhone. In truth, it's not worth ending your contract early for, but the small changes to mount up to a more satisfying phone. If you're contract is up or your new to iPhone, the iPhone 3GS offers enough to deliver, but with the completion hotting up on all side, the iPhone is very likely going to need a major update next summer if it's to retain its top-dog crown.


The 3GS is still the boss, with its ease of use still unparalleled and its feature set ably boosted by the iPhone 3.0 OS update. The faster speeds and increased memory make it even better to use, while the camera quality and video capability are welcome, if long overdue additions. Whether it will has pulled far enough ahead to remain top dog until next year’s model though remains to be seen.

Connectivity: Up to 7.2Mbps HSDPA, GSM/EDGE, 850, 900, 1,800, 1,900MHz), Wi-Fi (802.11g), Bluetooth

Capacity: 16GB/32GBDisplay: 3.5in 480 x 320 (163ppi)

Location: GPS: and assisted, digital compass

Camera: 3.0 megapixel still, 640 x 480 video 30fps

Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion

Sensors: Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor

Dimensions: 62.1mm x 115.5mm x 12.3mm (WxDxH)

Weight: 135g

Colour: Black/White

Battery life: Talk-time 5 hours 3G, 12 hours

Internet use: 5 hours 3G, 9 hours, Wi-Fi

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