Top 10 business add-ons for Firefox

One of the best aspects of Firefox is its add-ons, letting you customise it to make your job easier...

Foxy SEO Tool

Web-based business is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. Therefore, the importance of remaining competitive, and most importantly visible, requires extensive search engine optimisation(SEO).

The Foxt SEO Tool is open source and offers tools for SEO, as well as web traffic and page analysis, making it an essential add-on for any professional working in the highly competitive online sector.

Once installed Foxy grants you access to industry standard web traffic analysis sites like Alexa, Compete, Quantcast, and also popular statistic aggregators like Quarkbase and WebSiteOutlook.

Additionally, you can reference website listings in directories like Dmoz and Yahoo Directory, all from your browser - ensuring you're always optimised, where ever you are.


Whether you are preparing information for a meeting, seminar, or business lunch, it is inevitable that you will be using the internet. Clipmarks sets out to make this process more efficient and less time consuming.

Clipmarks allows you to select and save specific parts of web pages, meaning you don't have to waste valuable time cut and pasting information or writing it down. You simply select it with the Clipmarks function, located to the right of the address bar, and you can snip and save.

This is a huge time saving add-on, especially for professionals who deal with reams of information on a daily basis. Additionally, the ability to email, save, print, and upload your cuttings for public consumption onto MySpace and Twitter make this a very attractive add-on for any internet savvy professional.


The StockTicker add-on is a very useful took for any professional with vested interests in the stock market.

Once installed, the simplicity of this add-on is obvious, and definitely one of its strongest points. While operating, the add-on takes up very little room at the bottom right hand corner of the browser, and displays all the market information you will ever need in a subtle, yet effective manner. You'll hardly notice its there, until you use it.

Read It Later

In its simplest form, Read It Later, is an add-on that allows you to save web pages you find interesting, but don't have time to read. Whether in the office or at home, this add-on ensures you don't miss a thing.

Again, this is a simple add-on. The installation, like all other add-ons, is fast and simple. Once you have it installed, you get a tick symbol in your address bar, and a little brown book icon on the far right of your explorer window.

So, next time you're on a webpage, but don't have time to read it, you can simply click the tick icon, which saves it to the brown book icon, where you can look at it later.

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