Top 10 business add-ons for Firefox

One of the best aspects of Firefox is its add-ons, letting you customise it to make your job easier...

Lazarus: Form Recovery

With the advent of cloud computing and service providers, such as banks and insurance brokers, moving their operations online it is becoming increasingly common to fill out a lot of forms online.

The Lazarus add-on backs up all the information you enter when completing online forms, in real time, so it can be instantly recovered if your connection is suddenly interrupted, or your machine crashes, which is particularly useful on lengthy business forms and applications.

Using Lazarus couldn't be simpler. For example, if you lose connection, simply reload the form, right-click and select "recover form", and all your information magically reappears.

OneRiot Search

The internet is an extremely lively place these days with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Reddit all becoming increasingly important components of modern business.

OneRiot is a real-time search engine that exclusively searches the social web for news, blogs, Tweets, and videos.

The add-on is contained within the Google search box - simply pull down the list of options, and OneRiot should be at the bottom.

OneRiot is an excellent tool, particularly for professionals who need to be constantly informed on the latest issues, news, trends, and opinions as soon as they happen.


Computer security is a growing cause for concern, with viruses, scams, and spam senders constantly evolving and outdoing previous measures that were implemented to keep them at bay.

WOT, also known as Web of Trust, is an easily installed add-on that protects your computer from sites deemed "risky."

If you are unsure about a website, or you're traveling in previously unchartered territory, WOT checks the site against its database of 21 million sites. Once this is done, it gives you a coloured rating - green for go, red for danger - allowing you to make an informed decision.

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