Top 10 iPhone business apps

We look at 10 must-have iPhone apps for business professionals on the move.

Having an application that lets you check on the latest flight information is a must for any iPhone carrying business traveller. The problem with most of them is that they are airline or US centric, which is why we like the look of iFlight.

It provides details of flights from nine of the UK major airports and will turn your iPhone into a live departure board. It lets you search either by flight number or destination, and display its current status, giving both scheduled times and actual times - perfect for seeing how close you are to missing your flight when you're stuck in traffic on the way to the airport.

Skype Price: Free

We all know how much Skype has changed the face of VoIP and has been available for years on Windows Mobile but only arrived on iPhone in April 2009. The major downside is that it can only be used over Wi-Fi, as the carriers naturally wouldn't have it any other way.

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At least it was worth the wait, as Wi-Fi restriction aside, this is a very slick application, with an attractive, easy to use interface.

Unlike on Windows Mobile the app can be used without a headset, turning your iPhone into a VoIP phone you can use like a regular phone, without requiring a headset. Being able to pick up your mobile and make long distance calls without squirming over the cost is something you'll get used to rather quickly.

Xe Price: Free

If you need to keep your finger on the pulse of exchange rates, then you can't go wrong with's iPhone app. Already, the best known currency convertor on the net, it gives you the latest mid-market rates for all currencies and it's actually quicker to use on the iPhone than it is on a computer.

The home screen brings up a list of the major currencies by default and lets you manually update every 60 seconds or will auto update every 15 minutes. Tap on a currency and a number pad comes up enabling you to enter in the amount you want to convert - hit enter and all the other currencies adjust. To reset that amount to the default, you can just shake the iPhone. Numbers have never been such fun.

mbpowertools Price: 1.79

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This app lets you turn your iPhone into a remote control for PowerPoint surely the coolest presentation tool ever?

It works with PowerPoint on PC or Mac, and requires an application to be installed on the computer as well as the app on your iPhone and they talk to each other over Wi-Fi. You can then navigate through your slides or move the cursor by titling your iPhone. If you've already got an iPhone, the 1.79 looks good value against purchasing an expensive dedicated PowerPoint wireless controller.

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