New HTC Tattoo takes Android mainstream

HTC has unveiled a new mass market Android handset.

HTC Tattoo

HTC has announced its mass market Android-based Tattoo handset, a mobile phone that it said was ripe for user-personalisation.

Announced this morning in Taiwan, the Tattoo is small and compact mysteriously HTC said it was small enough to fit into your hand or pocket, which we are sure most users would expect as a given for this type of device. It features Google's Android operating system, which the handset maker has used previously on the HTC Hero.

HTC Tattoo

Out of the box, it provides quick and easy access to Google applications including Maps, search and Mail while also including mobile staples such as a 3.2 megapixel camera and an expandable microSD memory slot. It is a quad-band device with a large 2.8" screen, along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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The tattoo's chief personalisation feature seems to be the ability to choose from a selection of different covers, or create your own to purchase through the firm. Under the hood, more customisation options are offered, along with perennial phone options like content and application tweaks.

"Everyone wants their own phone to feel like it was specifically made for them. The Tattoo, with HTC Sense represents an easy way to shape your own distinct mobile experience and really make it your own," said Peter Chou, HTC chief executive, in a statement.

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"The HTC Tattoo ensures that you can create the most engaging and appropriate mobile experience through simple yet powerful personalisation," he said.

The HTC Tattoo incorporates HTC's Sense, a mobile experience that could be summed up by saying that it has a user interface that uses touch controls. The Tattoo is the second mobile from the firm to offer both this and the Android OS.

Tattoo handsets will be available in Europe from the beginning of October. Pricing will depend on individual contracts.

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