Panasonic TH-103PF10EK: 103" plasma display review

If you want to make a big impression on your clients then this 103in digital display ought to do the trick. But does it have the quality to match its dimensions?

The only significant problem with the 103PF10EK's display capabilities, in fact, is a predicted lack of brightness. Computer graphics and text aren't driven off the screen as potently as they tend to be by smaller (especially LCD) rivals, a potential issue if there's a lot of ambient light around, or the material you want to display is predominantly graphics based.

It probably sounds faintly absurd to be suggesting that a 103in screen could ever fail to catch the eye, but the slightly muted look to the 103PF10EK's pictures does prevent PC text and graphics screaming' off the screen as some of you might like them to.


There are a couple of more prosaic points to consider before ordering a 103PF10EK, too. First of all, it costs a terrifying 50,000, which means it's probably automatically out of reach of any small businesses.

Then there are the practical issues associated with installing such a monster screen. The screen itself weighs 220kg, meaning you'll need a seriously reinforced, possibly custom-built wall to support it. And the optional floor stand Panasonic does for the screen increases the total weight to a crushing 350kg. Getting the thing into your required display space needs exceptional access, too.

The funny thing about the 103PF10EK, though, is that once you've seen it in action, you kind of forget about its foibles. For at its best, it's combination of sensational video image quality and sheer magnitude is so utterly mesmerising that passers by won't be able to stop themselves from pausing, turning and ogling this giant in their midst along with whatever information you've got running on it, of course.


The 103PF10EK’s truly epic dimensions, grand-standing video performance and exceptional connection flexibility make its brightness limitations remarkably easy to forgive. In fact, you could say the 103PF10EK is to screens what Giza is to pyramids – until Panasonic launches its promised 150in model, at any rate!

Display technology: Plasma

Native Resolution: 1,920x1080

Connectivity: Composite/Component (TY-42TM6Y); Component video (TY-42TM6A/Z); PC input (TY-42TM6P); RGB Active Through (TY-42TM6G); composite video (TY-42TM6B/V); BNC dual video (TY-FB9BD); DVI-D (TY-FB9FDD, included when screen is shipped); SDI (TY-FB7SD); HD-SDI (TY-FB9HD); HD SD with audio (TY-FB10HD); HDMI (TY-FB8HM; Scart (TY-FB8SC); and a second HDMI option with greater signal format flexibility, the TY-FB10HMD

Features: dual picture mode, digital zoom function, built-in video wall image enlarger, weekly command timer


UXGA, WUXGA (UXGA and over resolution : compressed)

Video compatibility: NTSC, PAL, PAL 60, SECAM, Modified NTSC, HD up to 1080p/24

Power usage: 1500W (0.5W standby)

Contrast ratio: 5000:1

Brightness: 1000 cd/m²

Gradation: 4,096 steps

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