Focus on… Telecoms and networking

In our latest special report, we take a look at the world of telecoms and networking.

Focus on...

An ever growing area of technology, not just in size but in importance, networking and telecoms is what keeps us talking and keeps us working in the globalised world market that exists today.

From fixed lines to VoIP lines, Wi-Fi to broadband, single mobile to unified comms, it is the technology that keeps our businesses running.

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In this report, we bring you the latest information on 10 of the coolest networks to catch our eye as well as a tech cheat sheet on one of the fastest-growing networking technologies in the current times, Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC).

To give you a deeper look at the industry we detail the roller coaster ride of one of the industry's a top players BT, and show how networking has helped out one of Scotland's biggest football clubs and the world's largest zinc producer.

Focus on... Telecoms and networking:Need to Know: Fibre to the CabinetCeltic FC wins with Cisco Nyrstar gets speedy network from BT Engage BT's 12-month rollercoaster rideTop 10 coolest networks

Networking and Telecoms news round-up

BT to offer bundled deals as it loses market dominance

IEEE finally certifies next-gen 802.11n wireless standard

BT wants public cash to fill broadband notspots'

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