IT Pros working longer hours than ever

A study released by the IT Job Board reveals IT professionals are working longer hours than ever.

Long hours

If you're a techie burning more midnight oil than ever, you are not alone.

More than a third (32 per cent) of IT professionals are working 48 hours or more per week, according to a study conducted by The IT Job Board. The figure has jumped from 33 per cent in August 2008.

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Even more alarming is that 7.3 per cent of survey respondents said they work between 60 and 75 hours each week, compared to 4.8 per cent in 2008. A further 3.8 per cent admitted to working over 75 hours, which is more than a 58 per cent increase from 2008 (at 2.4 per cent).

When asked the reason for this increase, 32 per cent of respondents blamed a heavy workload, nine per cent said they were paid overtime, and 9.5 per cent said it was due to managerial expectations.

Respondents said that longer working hours have contributed to a decrease in productivity. Negative affects on respondents' health and social lives were also reported, but only 18 per cent admitted to complaining about longer working hours.

The IT Job Board stressed that employers be mindful of the impact long hours could have on both business and employees.

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"IT professionals have always worked long hours, trying to devise solutions to problems, or working to develop the next major piece of technology," said Teresa Sperti, head of international marketing at The IT Job Board, in a statement.

"Employers should be mindful to the impact that longer working hours could be having on their business, by way of decreased productivity, or employee poor health. And, they should step in to address any issues before they escalate."

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