Photos: The best from IDF

At the Intel Developer Forum this week, we saw four-screen laptops, fancy optical cables, and loads of processors.

The past week at the Intel Developer Forum has passed in a codename-induced haze, with the chipmaking giant releasing new laptop and mobile platforms and previewing the 22nm process - before the 32nm one has even really kicked off.

We spent the week snapping photos while gathering news - click here for the best pictures from IDF and some of the smaller news stories that slipped under the radar.

The week's news

Click here for all the news from IDF.

Head honcho Paul Otellini kicked things off by taking a swing at the EU, saying European regulators are only showing one side of the story.

But don't worry, it wasn't all whingeing. Otellini also bullishly predicted that the PC market was stronger than everyone else thinks - hopefully he's proven right.

It wasn't all jaw-flapping predictions and take-downs, however. Otellini also found time to unveil a 22nm wafer and the next gen micro architecture, Sandy Bridge.

Intel also revealed a new app developer programme for Atom netbooks, which should see some app stores pop up for the cheap and cheerful devices along the same lines as what's out there for smartphones.

Speaking of smartphones, Intel showed off a very slick looking Moblin operating system for smaller handsets, as well as detailing Moorestown, the platform which should eventually move the chipmaker into the mobile phone space.

We also saw previews of Larrabee and Arrandale, while Intel released Clarksfield and Sodaville - and if those codenames mean nothing to you, you're not alone.

The most exciting bits of tech on display were a four-screen laptop prototype, a 10Gpbs optical cable and a 3D live broadcast.

Click here for more news from the Intel Developer Forum 2009.

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