What makes the iPhone a business phone?

Since the iPhone’s inception in 2007, it has become the fastest selling phone on the market. But what's behind the explosion in sales from such a new operating system and device?

There's no denying that the iPhone is an object of desire, but it doesn't actually have the most impressive spec out there. The screen may be large at 3.5in, but the resolution remains behind other high-specced devices such as the HTC Touch Diamond2 at 320 x 480 pixels, compared to 480 x 800 pixels on the latter.

The processor of the latest incarnation of the iPhone is impressive at 600 Mhz, compared to HTC's range of smartphones that only include 528 MHz processors. So why doesn't the iPhone make use of multitasking?

One aspect of the iPhone that is disappointing compared to other smartphones though, is the battery.

Lin commented that this is the one major flaw with Apple's device:"I would say that the battery life is pretty poor, my Blackberry used to keep charge for up to seven days, I am lucky to get a day's worth from the iPhone, however it does help if you turn 3G and Wi-Fi off if you don't need it on."

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The App Store

The iPhone is not a smartphone in the traditional sense of the word. A couple of years ago, a smartphone was a device that could run more than one application at a time, and this is one thing that the iPhone cannot do at present.

However, the meaning of smartphone has now changed to cover almost every phone on the market, whether running a proprietary, java-based OS or something more complex.

One aspect that makes the iPhone such a successful business tool is the range of applications available from the App Store. To date there are around 75,000 available, both free and paid for, allowing you to access apps for both business and pleasure.

"The iPhone was successful even before the App Store was launched," said Milanesi.

"Certainly the app store contributed to the success but it is the usability the brand and the overall ecosystem of which the app store is part that creates the winning formula."

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