Focus on... Windows 7

Windows 7 is arriving on shelves this week. Here's everything you need to know about Microsoft's latest OS.

Security is a big feature of any application, let alone the operating system a large portion of computers will use. Some felt Vista rather overdid security controls, so Microsoft has been tasked with keeping security strong while keeping it from being incredibly annoying.

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Economics of a new OS

There's a recession going on, you may have heard. But don't worry, Microsoft is here to save the day. Not only will it drive sales of new PCs, say some, but think of all those jobs created upgrading business systems...

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Bye bye Vista

The announcement of Windows 7 marked the first nail in the coffin for the less well-loved, to put it nicely, OS. This week surely marks the burial of Vista. With less bloat, you don't even necessarily need a new computer to move to Windows 7, so while some will have been waiting to refresh XP-running hardware, don't be surprised if many choose to upgrade their OS from Vista to Windows 7, too.

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The future for Microsoft

So what does Windows 7 mean for Microsoft - and the rest of us? Will it be enough to boost PC sales and save the IT economy? Will it help battle off the rise of Apple and Google? Or is Microsoft on a downslide regardless of the potential success of Windows 7? Only time will tell...

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