Apple MacBook refresh review: first look

We take a first look at the updated MacBook, as well as the refreshed iMac, the new Mini server, and the Magic Mouse.

Apple has also taken the same tack with the Mac Mini. There were predictions that Apple might kill the headless Mac, but in fact it's developed it. Fascinatingly, Apple has removed the optical drive from one version to create space internally for two 500GB drive and shipped it with Snow Leopard Server, and is aiming it at small businesses who want a cheap, Mac-based, server. At 799, is could be a master stroke.

mini server

Another potential master stroke, if you'll excuse the terrible pun, is the new Magic Mouse. This is Apple's way of bringing its touch-tastic jiggery pokery to its desktop computers. The whole thing is now a touch sensitive surface, and you can click, scroll and swipe your fingers over it to create the desired effect on screen. It's perfectly intuitive as you would expect and looks great too.

The iMac will also now ship with a cordless Bluetooth keyboard, and both take two AA batteries. Apple said that you'll get four months use out of the mouse, put it surely would have been a great time to have introduced some cool new charge pad technology? Having to replace standard batteries seems rather mundane compared to the slickness of the technology around it.

mouse keyboard


Aside from the price increase on the MacBook, there's plenty to like about the Apple's latest hardware refresh.

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