Vodafone 360 H1 review: first look

Vodafone's new social network-focused service and handset is available at the end of the week. We got a brief hands on with the H1 to see what value it offers to business users as well as its target audience of consumers.

iPhone. When you search for an app, you're greeted by the price, rating and info about the app to help you make up your mind.

We downloaded Tetris during our hands on and it took a couple of seconds. Similarly a music track was downloaded very speedily too with a progress bar akin to a desktop showing you how long you've got left to wait. Vodafone said that a 2MB track can generally be downloaded in around 10 seconds.

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The handset's OS is supported by a 600MHz processor, which helps launch and close apps and functions speedily without effort. A search function also lets you quickly search across the phone, Google, the shop or Vodafone 360.

A task bar in the top right of the handset helps you keep abreast of what you have open at any one time. You can also multi-task by having apps open while you're doing other things. In the app screen, the ones running feature as much larger boxes than the other icons to help you easily spot what you have open or closed.

A simple tap on the task bar also reveals this activity info.

If you're stuck in a meeting when an incoming call arrives, you can simply press a send message option to the caller. You can set templates up for this in advance saying whatever you like.

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A large ring around the bottom of the handset also flashes (like a torch) when you receive a message, so you can turn your phone upside down and put it in your front pocket if you're otherwise engaged but want to know when you get a message.

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