Head to Head: Windows 7 vs Windows Vista

In our latest head to head, Windows 7 faces its immediate predecessor, Windows Vista. Will Vista be able to mount any kind of challenge?

Other subtle improvements include the fact that the New Folder button is now available from all explorer Windows, not just inside the organise' drop down.

The interaction with the icons at the right of the tasks bar is another massive improvement for Windows 7 over Vista. Now, most of them are hidden away so that you're not bothered by too many flashing distractions. Our favourite aspect is simply how you join a Wi-Fi network. In Vista you have to click the confusing network icon, then click Connect or disconnect', you then have to scroll down an awkward list of detected networks and double click to enter the security key.

In Windows 7, one click on the improved network icon brings up a full list of all detected networks with signal strengths, which you can scroll through without having to move the mouse you then just double click the chosen hot spot to gain entry.

Multi-monitor support is also very easy and intuitive in Windows 7. It's easier to use and does a far better job at choosing the correct native resolution of your monitors.

Our favourite little Windows 7 enhancement is the Window Snap feature. Using the Windows key and arrow key together lets you snap your Windows to either side of your monitor and organise them, which is so handy you wonder why no one had thought of it before.

Overall, there so many small enhancements in the Windows 7 user interface that it kicks Vista in the teeth. Hard and long. Windows XP at least has the excuse of being eight years old whereas Vista just feels unfinished.

Winner: Windows 7

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