Open source will be included in all company models

Every company will have open source in some form or another, according to an executive from software company Actuate who claims he wouldn’t work for someone if they didn’t.

open source

New companies will always include open source into their future strategies, according to an executive at Actuate.

Richard Guth, vice president and general manager of the open source strategy group at Actuate, believes the future is bright for the community technology.

In an interview with IT PRO he said: "I don't think a new company can start without open source as part of their model [and] I don't expect to ever work for a company that doesn't have open source."

The UK is fourth in a league table of adopters of open source across the world, according to a survey commissioned by the company, sitting behind France, Germany and the US. Yet there are challenges facing adoption.

"The challenge is that there is no single model for open source," Guth said. "It has to be figured out specifically so it is not something everyone can just do."

Guth concluded: "I think the growth of adopting open source will be more gradual, not a revolution but more of an evolution."

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