BlackBerry Storm 9500 vs BlackBerry Storm 9520

It's a clash of the touchscreen BlackBerry titans as we see how the original Storm (9500) stacks up against the newly released Storm2 (9520).


Unlike other comparisons, where we've sought to find an overall winner based on the major differences between two handsets, what we find here is that the Storm2 just makes the original even better.

Undoubtedly, there will be people who value battery life over other features such as the next-gen SurePress or Wi-Fi and they will be happy to keep with the first generation Storm. But for those who feel connectivity and user interface is key, the Storm2 is a sure bet.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the second generation Storm (Storm2/9520) wins out on this particular competition. The first generation Storm was a great innovation and brought happiness to many consumers and business users alike, but this later version takes all the things we loved about it and removes any niggles. As a result, it's likely to prove even more popular than the original.

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