How to get the most out of your iPhone

Know Your Mobile has launched a tips and tricks iPhone app to help you get the most out of your device.

Know Your Mobile iPhone app

IT PRO's sister title Know Your Mobile has launched a dedicated Tips and Tricks app for the iPhone to help fans of Apple's iconic device get even more out of it.

The app complements and builds on site-wide in-depth reviews, theme downloads and user guides and is available now from the App Store for just 1.19.

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This mobile tips app is Dennis Publishing's second iPhone app and follows on from the hugely successful Viz Roger's Profanisaurus Application.

"Know Your Mobile prides itself on bringing the latest mobile news, reviews and themes directly to users' desktops. And now we can bring that same level of expertise to the palm of your hand if you're an iPhone user," said Clare Hopping, editor of Know Your Mobile.

"Whether you want to know how to better manage your contacts, add and tweak privacy settings or find out how to type faster on the iPhone's keyboard, our Mobile Tips app is the most extensive iPhone user guide out there."

Other features include:

OS 3.0 and 3S Content (3.1 content coming soon)

Page flip navigation through Tips and Tricks section

Regular feed updates from Know Your Mobile servers

Adjustable notifications to alert you to new content both in-app and in-section

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