Oracle and Sun acquisition is a done deal

It may have been a messy deal but all is now official and Oracle owns Sun.

Done deal

After almost a year of back and forth between companies, regulators and campaigners, the deal has been done and Oracle now officially owns Sun Microsystems.

Both China and Russia have now approved the purchase just in time for a day-long event at Oracle's headquarters in Redwood Shores, California, to outline its future roadmap.

It also means that the company now owns both its database and Sun's open source MySQL database, which was the main bone of contention for those against the original deal.

The offer of $7.4 billion for Sun was first announced in April 2009 after many thought IBM was going to snap up the company.

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Larry Ellison is due to make his thoughts known about the completion at 10pm tonight when he takes to the stage at the future strategy conference.

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