Timeline: Adobe versus Apple

We take look back at the Adobe and Apple clash making headlines since the inception of the iPhone to the unveiling of the iPad.

Since the introduction of the iPhone sans Flash, Adobe and Apple can't seem to get along. Now with the introduction of the iPad, the conflict has heated up again.

Here's a look at what's happened thus far.

November 2007: The revolutionary iPhone becomes available in the UK, followed a year later by the iPhone 3G. Neither had Flash.

August 2008: The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rules Apple iPhone ads potentially misled the public by claiming to have full internet access. Apple defends the ad, but the ASA says the ad can no longer be aired.

June 2009: Three million iPhone users attempt to download Adobe Flash to their iPhone, according to Adobe.

September 2009: Wyse application launches. The $29.99 app enables iPhone users to access their own desktop for Windows, Flash, IE, and other PC programmes.

October 2009: Adobe announces that it will bring Flash to mobile devices including smartphones and netbooks.

Adobe then announces a Flash Professional CS5 developer tool that allows Flash applications on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

"The engineering teams at Adobe have succeeded in bringing the latest Flash technology to the iPhone, opening the way for the Flash community to deploy to the App Store," said Kevin Lynch, chief technology officer at Adobe, in a statement.

"When Apple is ready to bring the full web browsing experience to iPhone users, we'll be ready to bring Flash Player to Safari," he added.

It then touts its new iPhone page at Adobe.com.

December 2009: Seven million iPhone users attempt to download Flash Player, Adobe claims.

January 2010: The big reveal: Steve Jobs introduces the Apple iPad at an event watched worldwide.

Adrian Ludwig from Adobe responds to the Apple event in a blog post titled "Apple's iPad A Broken Link."

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