MWC 2010: What to expect

Another year and another Mobile World Congress show is upon us. But what can we expect from the big mobile players and how do they plan to outshine the announcements and unveilings of 2009's event?

6) LTE will be on the agenda. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is likely to be the buzzword on most people's lips at this year's MWC. If you think 3G is fast and whizzy, you'll be pretty impressed by what this next generation promises to bring.

7) Usage models will be king. Forget the texters and emailers. We'll be told about completely new ways in which to use our mobile devices for work or play at MWC. So, if you think you already know it all or have seen it all, it might well be time to think again.

8) Businesses won't be left out. According to some of the pre-show blurb, one of the key themes of MWC 2010 will be placing Mobile at the heart of business strategy' which will look at how mobile technology can help drive both organisations and industries forward.

9) Mobile payments will also feature heavily on the agenda. Last year Bill Gates' foundation talked about mobile payment tech and its role in helping developing nations where cash is not as readily used and financial services institutions not so easily found due to geographic and socio-economic circumstances. Together with the GSMA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation boosted efforts to the tune of $12.5 million.

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10) Hardware and software news will also abound. We're expecting a raft of new handsets to be announced from the key players, all keen to ensure their devices get a chance to hog the limelight. Mobile versions of Linux, such as Maemo which the N900 runs on are also likely to be in vogue at this year's show, as are other new software unveilings. Samsung, for example, is widely expected to reveal the first device running on its Bada platform. So watch this space.

That's our thoughts summed up. Be sure to check back on the site to see the latest news and reviews from this year's MWC. Our roundup of what's hot and what's not can be found here.

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