The World Cup: Around the world in IT

We look at the tech form of the World Cup contenders.


Cameroon flag

Population: 19.4 million

Climate: Hot

Economy: GDP of $2,300 as of 2008. Export relations with France, Italy, South Korea, Spain, and the UK.

Government: Republic government. Led by president Paul Biya and Prime Minister Philmon Yang.

Famous for: One of the highest literacy rates in Africa, rumours of corruption.

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Star player: Global companies with local presence.

Top IT industry: Academic institutions to boost skills and industries.

Major IT contributions: Scientific research and innovation.


Denmark flag

Population: Five million

Climate: Temperate

Economy: GDP $343 billion.

Government: Prime Minister Lars Lkke Rasmussen who leads the Liberal Party.

Famous for: Lego, Carslberg beer

Star player: Bang & Olufsen (Hi-Fi giant)

Top IT industry: Renewable energy also biggest electricity charges for consumers

Major IT contributions: Batteries, tape recorder, speakers



Population: 127.5 million

Climate: Temperate in north, subtropical in south

Economy: GDP $4.91 trillion,, major trading partners include the US, the UK and other EU countries.

Government: Representative democracy with Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama

Famous for: Technology, Sushi, Nintendo

Star Player: Hitachi/Sony

Top IT industry: Electronics

Major IT contributions: Various major technological advances were developed in Japan, including the floppy disk, the microprocessor, the memory card and the CD, to name but a few.

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Netherlands flag

Population: 16.4 million

Climate: Temperate

Economy: GDP is $871 billion. Most important trading partner is Germany

Government: A consociational' state, with various party leaders. Reigning monarch is Queen Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard.

Famous for: Amsterdam, clogs, tulips, windmills, Van Gogh

Top IT industry: Boasts biggest natural gas field in the world.

Major IT contributions: The microscope, telescope and artificial kidney.

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