The World Cup: Around the world in IT

We look at the tech form of the World Cup contenders.


Italy flag

Population: 59.13 million

Climate: Temperate

Economy: GPD of $2.3 trillion, major trading partners include EU member states, US, China and Japan.

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Government: A republic with directly elected Senate and Chamber of Deputies both of equal authority.

Famous for: Pizza, pasta, Ferrari, Silvio Berlusconi.

Star Player: Tiscali

Top IT industry: Telecommunications

Major IT contributions: Italian physicist Giovanni Caselli invented the Pantelegraph, a prototype of what we now know as the fax machine.


paraguay flag

Population: 6.2 million

Climate: Subtropical and tropical.

Economy: GDP of $16 billion, major trading partners include Brazil, Argentina and the US.

Government: Constitutional democracy with President Fernando Armindo Lugo Mendez.

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Famous for: Free-kick taking goalkeeper Chilavert, arts and crafts.

Star Player: SS7 Solutions

Top IT industry: Mobile communications

New Zealand

New Zealand flag

Population: 4.26 million

Climate: Temperate

Economy: GDP of $130 billion, major trading partners include Australia, US and China.

Government: A democracy with Prime Minister John Key. Queen Elizabeth II remains head of state with limited power, as in the UK.

Famous for: The All Blacks, Flight of the Conchords, sheep

Star Player: Datacom IT solutions provider

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Top IT industry: IT services

Major IT contributions: A computer-controlled surf reef called Versareef was constructed in the US by a New Zealand firm.



Population: 5,391,000

Climate: Temperate

Economy: GDP $98.5 billion, major trading partners include Germany and Czech Republic

Government: Coalition government, with President Ivan Gasparovic

Famous for: Stunning natural scenery, ice hockey

Star Player: Slovak Telecom

Top IT industry: Mobile and telecoms

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Major IT contributions: Slovak Jozef Murgas was the inventor of wireless telegraphy and helped develop ideas that would lead to wireless transmission of data and voice.

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