Samsung Wave review

The Samsung Wave is the first of Samsung’s Bada-based smartphones, but is it a real competitor to other platforms on the market? We review it to find out.

On this top status bar, you can also easily activate and de-activate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and silent mode quickly we see this as a real bonus because you don't have to trawl through menus to do it.

The Samsung Apps store may not be as advanced as the Apple App Store or Android Market, but it does include a really easy to use interface, even though the number of apps on offer may not be as extensive as those offered up by the phone's competitors. Currently the store has a total of 208 applications and most are free.

It's also littered with adverts for other applications, which is a little irritating.

In terms of business applications, the selection is pretty poor. There are only 22 utilities, ranging from calculators, calendars, reminder apps and a remote control application. We hope that the more people that buy Bada devices, the more applications will become available.

The preinstalled applications on the Samsung Wave are pretty basic too.

There are memo and task applications, plus a Mini Diary application that allows you to add text, photos and weather to diary entries. Task is a little more serious.

There's a navigation app, although you have to insert a memory card to fire it up because maps will be downloaded onto the memory card rather than the device itself. Route 66, a well-known Satnav manufacturer, produces the navigation app itself, so you'd expect it to be pretty advanced. And it is.

You can search for a destination using a keyword, address (including postcodes), points of interest or by selecting a point on the map. It offers more than Google Maps, working more like a standalone solution, if it can find addresses, that is, which it couldn't in our test.

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