Head to Head: Google Nexus One vs Nokia N900

WIth Google announcing there won't be a second Nexus One, how does the original stand up against Nokia's N900 device? In this head to head comparison, we find out.

The Nokia N900 has the obvious advantage of a hardware sliding QWERTY keyboard that makes it a lot easier when typing long emails or text messages.

Nokia's N900 keyboard is also made easier to use, thanks to well-spaced keys and a satisfying click each time you depress a letter.

There's no tilt action as on the HTC Pro2 which is the one thing that would improve the typing function.

However, the Google Nexus One's virtual keyboard is a pretty good attempt from a full touch screen handset.

It uses haptic feedback to ensure you know exactly when you've typed a letter something you don't get from a hardware keyboard, but still struggles with space issues.

When in portrait mode, it's a little awkward to make sure you hit the correct key.

Winner: Nokia N900

Operating system

Android has become the platform to watch, mainly because its take up has been so swift, but also because it's more open than any other platform.

Any manufacturer and many third party developers can skin it easily, so you can add a personal touch if you want to disguise the Vanilla interface of the Google Nexus One.

The Nexus One is shipped with Android 2.1 comes a whole heap of exciting extras compared to previous Android incarnations, particularly voice controls, animated wallpapers and Microsoft Exchange support, which is a real bonus. It's also simple to organise your contacts into groups, making it perfect as a device for both work and play.

However, the Nexus One is due an upgrade to Android 2.2 very soon, and it's something that will make the device even more exciting for business users.

Extra functionality includes improved Exchange support, the ability to turn your Nexus One into a mobile hotspot using tethering and a faster browser.

The Nokia N900 running on Maemo hasn't seen the same market share, and now it's set to be scrapped by Nokia.

Maemo has recently been merged with Intel's Moblin development platform to create MeeGo. The Nokia N900 is set to be upgraded to the MeeGo platform and this brings with it a fewer extra features that will please business users including online data synching.

The Linux-based Maemo system does provide an open development environment, but there are few features the OS brings that makes this device better than the Nexus One.

Winner: Google Nexus One

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