Dell Streak review

The Dell Streak is the first in a stream of Android tablets to appear on the market. We review it to see if it’s in the same league as the Apple iPad

Dells's UI has been limited to the toolbars and home screens. You can choose how many home screens you want by tapping the network bar in the top centre of the homescreen.

You can add up to six, which is refreshing, although some of the widgets seem a little large and you'll find yourself limited for space as we did.

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However, those widgets that are preinstalled are useful, especially those at the bottom that allow you to check Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data and other connection status.

It's handy, but nothing new for Android.

In terms of preinstalled applications, the Streak doesn't come as well equipped as other smartphones do. Quick Office is preinstalled all you need to do is register to product when you first open it up. It's a great app for viewing a range of documents, but you'll have to look elsewhere if you want to create a new one.

There's also a handy task manager that allows you to create detailed task reminders.

If you want extra apps, you'll have to head to the Android Market for extra functionality.

Along the top toolbars, there's a quick access to the menu, which displays all the icons in iPhone-style tidiness, a notifications bar, and a home screens tab that allows you to jump to one of the home screens. It seems unnecessary as you can just swipe your finger across to switch.

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The final taskbar allows you to quickly set an alarm, check the battery capacity, turn on aeroplane mode, turn data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on or off.

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