Top 10 future trends for mobile phones

The mobile industry moves at such a fast space, it's often hard to keep up. But what are the big predicted future trends coming to a smartphone near us? We roundup 10 of the best.

As mobile devices evolve into more than just communications tools, security becomes ever more important. Priceless data has famously been left on trains and in cars and the potential loss of revenue from such an oversight could be huge, not to mention the embarrassment to your company.

Enter biometric security.

Fujitsu has already begun rolling out fingerprint based biometric security across some of its range and in the near future voice or even inner-ear activated devices will be widely available, allowing corporations to protect their data fully when it's not in use.

Other uses could include individual workspaces within a single device, enabling a user to pick the device up and have his or her data downloaded automatically, once their identity has been confirmed a function which could prove invaluable with shared hardware.

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As our mobiles become less exception and more norm the concept of all forms of necessary data being held within our device is gathering momentum. Our credit cards, passports, insurance documents etc. could all be carried around with us in our hip pocket, securely protected and unable to be used without our presence.

Operating systems

Current mobile operating systems are almost unrecognisable when compared to the basic user interfaces of a few years a go. With every release Google's Android is becoming faster and more stable and Apple strives to add more powerful features to its cleanly designed iOS.

The divide between mobile OS and desktop OS is narrowing though and in the future we expect to see much closer integration between the two. Following the lead of the MeeGo project we're moving toward true multi-platform operating system, one which can be installed on your netbook, smartphone and workstation to allow you a seamless working environment.

We've already touched upon mobile cloud computing and the possibility of a true cloud operating system in the mould of Google's Chrome OS really excites us, it also becomes more plausible with the upcoming introduction of 4G technology.

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