Top 10 future trends for mobile phones

The mobile industry moves at such a fast space, it's often hard to keep up. But what are the big predicted future trends coming to a smartphone near us? We roundup 10 of the best.

With the implementation of some of the technologies we've discussed the door is left open for new and more convenient form factors to emerge.

Wrist watches and long, pen-like devices have been seen on the market before but are never viewed as anything more than a quirk but with evolving technology allowing manufacturers to squeeze in everything a user needs they needn't be constrained by shape and size any longer. Think all-in-one earpiece devices, working fully from voice recognition or spectacles with an AR display in one lens, the possibilities are huge and manufacturers will be able to tailor devices to specific professions with greater and greater ease.

The svelte tablet won't be disappearing though but we expect them to get thinner and tougher, with higher resolution displays and longer life batteries.

Environmental awareness

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Environmental awareness

This may not be a popular choice currently but the implications of sourcing a product from sustainable, fully recyclable and non-toxic materials are far greater than any one of us can currently see.

Aside from the far-reaching environmental consequences of irresponsible manufacture we have the added concerns of demand far outstripping supply when it comes to the materials used to build our important devices.

Sony Ericsson has taken steps towards a range of eco-friendly devices with its GreenHeart initiative, which promises lower carbon emissions, reduced paper usage and between 50 and 100 per cent recycled plastics used in production. These points not only benefit Mother Nature though, as sustainable materials also serve to keep production steady and with lower transport costs.

Another feature which we fully expect to see in future devices is solar panel integration or other eco-charging solutions. What could be better than saving money whilst saving the planet?

Is it a stretch to expect our children to be educated in the development and use of mobile tech in the future? Will there be an entirely new, life-changing device, which supersedes all others rendering them obsolete? Only time will tell.

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As with all predictions for the future, some will happen, some will be lost forever or consigned to the gag reel. One thing that is certain though is that smartphones and mobile devices are here to stay in whatever guise human demand causes them to take and in 10 years, you can look back at this on your shiny, new ultra hi-definition micro tablet or HUD and say you saw it here first...

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