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Proofpoint launches email archiving solution

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive offers Exchange support and an improved search function to help businesses find old emails at speed.


Proofpoint has upgraded its business email archiving solution with a new offering to incorporate support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

The Proofpoint Enterprise Archive product will support mixed environments that use various versions of Exchange as well, including 2003, 2007 and 2010.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) archiving release is designed to help businesses cut legal discovery risk and cost, whilst offering a manageable, searchable backlog of messages.

One advantage the new offering has over other products is in its automated storage of data in active legal holds, meaning human error is practically eradicated.

Peter Galvin, chief marketing officer (CMO) at Proofpoint, told IT PRO workers should not be spending too much time on security, so automation can help them get on with other business processes.

"You don't want workers spending all their time on security," Galvin explained.

"Security should be very light in the sense that it shouldn't be a burden on the worker."

The search function has been improved as well, allowing for complex searches when looking for specific emails.

Galvin claimed other archiving products on the market do not place a heavy focus on search capabilities.

This means the IT department is stuck looking through emails over a long period should a search task be required, Galvin said.

"In some cases you have a very limited amount of time to find these emails and this data. With a system like [ours] it takes only days and weeks rather than months or years," he added.

The Proofpoint Enterprise Archive solution works on a hybrid model, combining on-premises and SaaS functions.

Storage and search is kept in the cloud, while an in-house appliance adds an extra layer of security. The company's patented DoubleBlind Encryption provides protection for static or in-transit data and only the customer has the key to unlock the archive.

Galvin said the hybrid model gave companies more room to deal with the raft of spam that comes through to them.

He questioned: "How do you absorb spam volumes with an on-premise model?"

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