A quantum security leap?

What is quantum security, what are the real world implications for the enterprise and is it really unbreakable? Davey Winder has been investigating...

Even as computers get more powerful, there is still sufficient room to increase RSA key length to ensure that it takes too long for current computer technology to crack quickly".

Paul Kocher, chief executive of Cryptography Research, is even more scathing when he insists that the only thing going for quantum cryptography is a cool name and if it was called something long and unpronounceable nobody would even care. "For quantum cryptography to work, each entity must have a direct, uninterrupted optical link with each other entity" Kocher confirms, calculating that "if there were 100 endpoints in a network, it would take 4950 different fibre optic cables to connect them all. In contrast, cryptography based on mathematical principles does a fine job and can use existing packet switched networks".

But Kocher also claims that quantum cryptography doesn't fix the right problem and creates new risks.

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