A quantum security leap?

What is quantum security, what are the real world implications for the enterprise and is it really unbreakable? Davey Winder has been investigating...

"A practical application may allow cardholders to get cash out of ATMs using their quantum cards that are able to securely communicate with the ATM over the air" Cabuk predicts, concluding "enterprises may also improve their security posture by exchanging sensitive information over the network securely".

Assuming that is, as Pam Cawthorn concludes "the industry develops devices used in quantum communications that are sensitive enough to detect any change in qubit states".

Albert Einstein once famously said that "God does not play dice" while objecting to the notion of uncertainty and randomness in the quantum physics he helped discover. When it comes to quantum security, however, I would suggest that there is still just too much uncertainty to be taking it too seriously. For sure, the ITsec practitioner should not play dice...

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